Friday, October 1, 2010

thinking about blogging....

the Lemon & Raspberry blog is hosting a better blogging workshop next week, and it's got me thinking.  

i know that this blog is quite random, somewhere in between crafts, travel, food, a huge heap of photography and anything else i feel like throwing in here.  

but what are your favourite things about it? 
is there anything you'd like to see more of? suggestions?

i assume in the workshop will be told to regularly post.  which i am completely guilty of not doing.  
i do get better in the winter, when huddling under a pile of blankets with my laptop is the best way to spend the evening.  winter is much better for routines - it's so much less social, for me at least. 
would love to hear your thoughts.  thanks :)

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  1. I'm not sure. I think I am in the same boat as you, so I would love to read a post about the workshop to see what you get out of it!


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