Wednesday, September 29, 2010

birthday wish list

 hey hey hey. 
my birthday's on monday.  so i'm going to be self-indulgent and post a list of things i like. 
maybe you'll think something is cool too, so i have links for you ;)
how cute are these!

a camera bag that doesn't scream "i have thousands of dollars of stuff in here, please rob me"

i could be joan from madmen for Halloween. just need to find that necklace

these are just fun
how does one become a celebrity portrait photographer?
i am saving for this beauty.

i am a big fan of jamie oliver and he has a new cookbook:
 but i think the release date might be different in North America...

and finally
this lot of vintage brooches would be a welcome edition to my collection.  
too bad it sold on ebay, for over $550! that's a bit mad.

when is your birthday? what would you like?


  1. My birthday is on Columbus day, so you a re a Libra too!
    My wish list, lets see, a few million dollars and a body like the one above (not Jamie Oliver's ;)

  2. I would love to have all of the brouches, and of course the camera lens and the camera to go along with it. Not asking for too much..... LOL... Great photos.

  3. I love love love the teacup molds. And those boots would look really cute on you.

  4. Great wishlist Mel!
    Those tea cup molds are adorable!
    PLEASE be Joan for Halloween!!
    I absolutely love that dress! You'd look so hot! :D
    If I find any cool vintage brouches while I am thrift store shopping I'll get them for you. (If they arn't crazy expensive).
    I hope you have a blast on your b-day!

  5. $550 is very mad!
    I adore the silicon teacake mold too.
    And my birthday is in February.
    Well, happy early birthday to you!


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