Monday, October 11, 2010

fun things.

just want to wish you canadians a very happy thanksgiving!
we had a nice quiet dinner here. i enjoyed cooking the big meal and i'm very thankful that steve did all the dishes after. <3 and we have leftovers for days.

also - i forgot to tell you that is finally here!
my photos are there, as a sort of online portfolio, especially if you live in the toronto area ;)
and finally, something too cute to not share. i walked to the nearest goodwill in search of halloween decor last week and stumbled upon knitomatic - on bathurst near st clair.
they have a knitted bike. it's awesome.
and i love these colours of wool - they make me want to knit a million things for fall. (but i think i will have to sign up for some of their lessons or classes - i've forgotten most of what i learned from youtube last year.

hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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