Sunday, September 12, 2010

waffle iron cookies. oh yeah.

waffle3508wm, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

i made these yesterday and they were great.
i got the original recipe from fine cooking,
but if i made them again i would change a few things.
-less or no chocolate chips - they would burn on the waffle iron and made a bit of a mess
-adding peanut butter - mmm hmm
-making them with sugar cookie dough, perhaps
-eating them with a scoop of ice cream!
no matter what, a side serving of milk is definitely necessary.


  1. -and they were delicious. Great pic too!

  2. I got your sweet little note thank you so much! Enjoy Toronto, it is a FUN city. I lived there for 3 years, let me know if you need/want any tips via email

  3. I tried the recipe over the weekend and they were delish!! Thanks for the tip.


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