Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 down - 15 to go!

it's a good thing none of my goals for may included blogging often. 
it's been a crazy month. 
a month of vacation, loads of beach time, good-bye parties, the Cannes Film Festival, packing, and returning to Canada.  somehow i managed to squeeze in some of my 2010 goals.
the ones with progress:

learn french well enough to have an entire conversation with my grandma & apply for bilingual jobs
i actually called my grandma one afternoon at the beginning of the month and we chatted in french for about 10 minutes! including laughing a lot and teasing each other.  i won't cross this one off, i am not satisfied with my level of french yet, and still plan on studying a lot more.  
a french lunch with my grandma is in order as well. 

master the use of photographic flash &
  portfolio building preplanned photoshoots
a bit of progress on these 2 goals.  2 really great photoshoots with friends in the last few days i was in france.   as much as i still prefer working with natural light, i did use flash for some of the shots.  
meet chloe

 and katie

get accepted to a stock photo site
i have been accepted as a contributor on istock.com!
apparently though, that's the easy part.  now i have to submit each individual image for review before it gets accepted, and have to have model releases signed for anything i want to submit.  but, it's a start, and possibly a little money to be made from my photos.

post a worthy photo to flickr everyday for 21 days
done and done!
from may 1-21 i forced myself to post to flickr before visiting any other websites.
it was trickier than i thought, with life getting in the way - huge respect for anyone who has ever done a 365! that is dedication.

whoo! 2 more goals down and solid progress on the others.  i'm liking how this is going. 


  1. well done on your goals!
    your shots are awesome!

  2. those are beautiful photos, congrats on the progress, keep it up!


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