Wednesday, June 9, 2010

highlights of the cannes film festival

i still can't believe i was there to experience it.
the fact that i got the job in france, on the riviera, in one of the world's film cities.
that we lived so close we could hear screaming fans from our apartment.
that we got to act cool and say "ugh - tourists." haha.
it was a great time.
and now - i know what you really want - the pictures :P
the palais des festivals, where all the action is :)
this was my fave thing.  they screened films on the beach! for free!
the movie screen is built on a dock in the ocean.  they also gave everyone blankets.  the man walking is selling roasted nuts.  toes in the sand - best way to watch a movie ever.
the famed red carpet :)
the collection of ladders that screaming fans stand on.
waiting in line...
crazy weird and expensive cars. (this one was in Monaco on the night before the Formula 1)

and now i present:
the adventures of mel's only 'fancy' dress
"I'M ON A BOAT" ridiculousness on a yacht in Monaco.

 on the way to the VIP room club.  we got in! michelle rodriguez was the dj! it was a crazy fun night.
& the final adventure of the dress: 
i won tickets to see the closing night film at the Cannes Film Festival.  they drew less than 500 names for the whole city and i won! tux & bowtie mandatory (which i loved) steve had to borrow one.  
we got to walk the red carpet.
perfect end to a great year.
i miss you already cannes.


  1. What a great adventure you were on. Would have loved to be there right next to you taking pictures. Hope you are framing some. Thanks for sharing.

  2. dude! films on a beach looks wicked cool and the 'fancy' dress? wow ;)

  3. My heart is aching right now. I was so sad that Cindy and I only had a couple of weeks in Europe, zero time in France, and next to no time on a beach. Movies on the beach? We need that here. Maybe one day we'll all be rich and fly out every year to nice places like France, Italy, Spain, or wherever.

    It looks like you had a great time there. So glad you and Steve went out and did this. Can't wait to see more photos and hear all the stories.


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