Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lovely berlin

here it is friends - the last installment of the northern europe trip april 2010.
after a brief moment of not thinking we'd get there, buying a really expensive train ticket, + riding 7 hours while reading orwell's nineteen eighty-four, we arrived.
it's an amazing city.
so much history and so much change.

we needed to see checkpoint charlie and the wall - of course.

the bricks run through the city showing where the wall was.
it was interesting to see damage from the war that has never been repaired.
this church was bombed as well.
the jewish memorial and holocaust museum were moving, unsettling and sombre.
the monuement is huge, full of layered rows of unmarked pillars.
the city is full of all kinds of history, but also is filled with some of the most interesting modern art and architecture in the world. it's a great juxtaposition.
resting my feet at the top of the parliament building.
our favourite activity was the hamburger banhoff museum. (not only because it was warm inside)
this 'piece' was steve's favourite. a huge room, filled with the overwhelming sounds of a football(soccer) match, complimented by the game on the little tv.
my fave was dancing displays of shadows made from random objects as they spun.
this was an unexpected surprise.
berlin we loved you :)
(and your great beer and pastries)

more pics on flickr


  1. WOW really excellent shots love it! The famous checkpoint charlie! :D Gotta love that!

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. oh this brings back so many lovely memories. i visited there a few years ago and completely fell in love. did you go to house of 100 beers?? it was the BEST!
    glad you had a wonderful time :)

  3. I love your photography!!! The pillars pic is just amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! -Katie

  4. Beautiful photos!! Looks like such an amazing trip!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. wow awesome photos! almost feels like i was there... ALMOST :( what an amazing trip!

  6. Excellent photos! Stopping by from SITS; you look like you had a great time...I'm off to read the rest of your posts to see if you made it to Scotland (where I live)... ;O)

  7. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog :) these photos are amazing!!!


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