Thursday, May 6, 2010

flashback - learning from the domincan republic

i propose a new feature - flashbacks.
when i can, i'll post an old photo - something from the archives of my hard drives.  maybe something from my childhood, from when i started photography, my high school life, college, or even just from before i started to blog.  you can learn a little bit more about me, and soon i'll be leaving europe and having less big adventures to tell of anyway :P

 this is one of my favourite pictures i've ever taken.
in 2000 & 2001, my high school organized "experiential learning exchanges" during spring break.  
i went twice, fundraising all year to be able to make the trek with about 6 others and a chaperone to Consuelo in the Dominican Republic. 
we didn't go to build a school, bring medicine or educate the locals.  
we went so they could educate us.
we stayed with host families who were 'middle class' in the DR, which is a developing nation.
we spent our days communicating in broken spanish, and sometimes with local translators, getting to know the people and their way of life.  
we toured sugar cane plantations and talked to people who had no food and water. it broke our hearts. 
incredibly, and the thing i remember most, is how happy these people were. 
this mother, holding her newborn son marcos, was so proud and hopeful for his future.
i haven't kept in contact with them, and i have no idea if marcos has even made it to his 10th birthday.
i look at this picture and it brings me back to earth.
it makes me realize i have it pretty damn good.


  1. The photo is awesome! Sounds like you had such an incredible experience~ it is so amazing that a high school organized something like that~
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amazing! Thanks for the beautiful story!
    I like the idea of a "flashbacks" feature! Great idea! Hope you're having a wonderful day! xo

  3. Really beautiful picture and a beautiful story too!

  4. Wow great the must be very proud and it must be really nice looking back on such an adventure.

    Great blog, stopped in from SITS

    Laura x

  5. What a great memory that you will carry on forever. An amazing photo...You will look back on all your travel photos...Hope they are safe. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. That photo is beautiful and I love the story behind it.. definitely make this a feature!

  7. That's such a lovely picture, and a great experience. Thanks for sharing it.

    Also - thank you so much for my prizes! :D


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