Monday, May 3, 2010

happy mail meet-up in london

i'm not sure if i've mentioned before that i'm involved in happy mail
but it's a lot of fun and i've 'met' some great people so far.
and there's nothing better than meeting a penpal in person!
charlotte and i were happy mail partners a few months ago, and decided to meet when i mentioned that i'd be traveling to london.
the mailboxes are cool aren't they?
first we went for lunch, then for a little window shopping.
liberty of london.
the store was massive and filled with loads of character.
i loved this mirror. and sadly this is where my camera battery died. such an amateur mistake, for me to not carry a spare. thankfully charlotte had hers and let me take some snaps.

heart-shaped tufted buttons on this loveseat!
i could never handle eating on these plates! *shudder
the little section in the back that had the stuff that's at target... love the sign.
the back entrance on carnaby street
we continued shopping along oxford and regent streets and wandered into the huge anthropologie store. beautiful!
check out the giant living wall - all real plants :)
& i know london is known as a fashion capital of the world, but there are some clear strike-outs.
(this was not at anthro. haha)
charlotte, i'm so thrilled that we were able to meet up and hang out! i had a blast.
maybe we'll meet in asia next time? need more curry.


  1. liberty is such a weird store, theres so many nooks & crannies i'm always wondering if i've wandered into an area im not supposed to be in ;)

  2. Wait, we have Anthropologie in London?! I found that brand when I was in Colorado last summer and I was bemoaning the fact that we don't have it here. Hmm. I know where I'm going to be going next time I'm in London!

  3. Awesome pictures !!

    Thanks for visiting me, I am currently just learning french and trying to get clued up on as much as possible, have already been pre warned that the French are diploma/certificate mad !

    Ok, off to check out some more of your site...have a great day xx

  4. Mel,
    Thank you for your well wishes! Also, this happy mail thing sounds delightful- how does it work?

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog,

  5. I love the sofa!!! And those plates! I can imagine both belonging to same owner. I love, love overseas shopping. It is the best. Maybe I take what I have here for granted. Maybe I've just seen it all or not enough. Who knows? What I do know is that it looks like you had an amazing shopping trip! And what fun it must've been to meet a penpal!

  6. Wow! I wish that I could meet more of my penpals and my happy mail partners. I'm so jealous!
    Also- will you email me so I can help you with the tabs?
    Thanks cupcake!

  7. Liberty is so much fun!! Lovely pictures, looks like a great holiday!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. that is SO COOL! i love penpals - how great to meet one in person! (and fantastic shopping to boot!:)

    how i would love to be there right now!

    and how fun, meeting up with another blogger! so cool!

  10. I want to go there!!! ;)

    AMAZING!!! Great pictures!

  11. I think if I went to the Liberty store that I would dance around the entire time. That Target section makes me laugh. Especially the slightly ghetto sign.


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