Friday, April 30, 2010

5 down! 17 to go!

it's time for the goals again...
april has been a busy and quite enjoyable month :)
goals with progress made:

get accepted to a stock photo site
i cannot say that i'm accepted yet because i still haven't applied. but when i attended the world photography awards and workshops this past weekend i picked up a lot of valuable info.
i'm confident i will get accepted as long i as i can get my models to sign the release :)

have a mini book club with steve (maybe 1984)
so, steve and i looked all over northern europe for 2 cheap copies of 1984 - to kill time during the 7 hour train ride to berlin. i found one for 3.25. we couldn't find a second copy. i read it. he hasn't yet.
hopefully he will before i forget the details.

master the use of photographic flash
by trial & error, i finally figured out the way to do the cool photos of dancers that leave multiple images of the movement in the frame (the key is a strobe light)
notice the technique and my cousin's moves:
by no means is this anywhere close to perfected, but i now have the concept down and will probably be renting a strobe light this summer. haha.

goals completed!

organize my harddrives
the beast is finally conquered
& bonus by going through all the duplicate files i found 24 gb of free space on my laptop
iphoto takes waaay too much room.

visit the U.K. and Germany
now, this may not sound like something that's entirely 'goal-worthy' but i put it on the list so that i would remember to save money for the trip. going to london was a great mental vacation and berlin was an incredible city full of things to see. (we also got to go to amsterdam and rotterdam)
i still owe you pics from the berlin chunk of the trip (and a couple stories) so i'll give you a sneak peek of some silly photos and write a complete post next week.
hanging out at the lego store

these cars are really lightweight.

with a small piece of the wall
would love to know how you're doing with your goals for the year!


  1. Thanks for visiting me for SITS Saturday Sharefest :)
    I'm terrible with goals - mine are all short-term and mundane - except for the quilts-I-want-to-make list. It seems to grow and have no time frames attached at all!
    I'll have to come back and check out your photos I think...

  2. You're Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I am so excited that you are so close to getting some of your beautiful and amazing photos on a stock photography site!! That is amazing! Can't wait for updates on that! :)

  3. How cool is your blog! Love the pictures!

    Happy SITS Sunday :)

  4. Love your photos (as always, LOL). And it sounds like you're making really good progress against your goals... I should do some kind of update on mine soon, maybe at the six-month point...

  5. You visited Berlin? It's such a great city isn't it? Love your photos!

    New Follower over here^^

    Happy SITS Sunday!

  6. I love the LEGO photo!! It looks like both of you sitting!

    My goals are on steady process, I'm learning bit by bit about sewing and Baby G is toilet training. I'm quite pleased.

  7. Goals? Eek! I love that you have 'em 'cuz someone's gotta do it!

    Saw you over on SITS & liked the title of your post. Just had to see what the countdown was all about.

  8. Did you do the free tour at Berlin by New Europe? It's incredible!
    Also I was super excited to read AMSTERDAM! (and Rotterdam of course)
    You didn't try looking for 1984 in Berlin did you? Haha, I'm pretty sure it's still banned...I remeber reading that somewhere...of course maybe that's just the German translation.

  9. Oh goals...yes I have a bunch of them set out to get the move to France quicker and smoother, but, as we all know having goals is a great start but achieving them is another matter.

    Hang in there, and thank you for visiting me xxx


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