Monday, March 1, 2010

2 down - 20 to go!

in keeping with the goal tracking tradition - it's march 1st - let's see how i did in february.
 learn french well enough to have an entire conversation with my grandma & apply for bilingual jobs
this one is always ongoing - and i'm disappointed in my level of french, considering that i've been living in france since october.  trying to step it up a bit.  doing extra homework for my french class, organizing "french dates" with english friends rather than telling the latest stories in english, and today i bumped into a french girl i met at a party a while ago and we had an entire conversation in french.
and she understood me! lol mini victory. 

long hair again for a bit - be good at more than 1 style, ha ha
also still working on this one.  it's growing.  ;) 
as for styling,  i did my hair for a night out and used a straightener to curl it.  
was surprised at how well this worked. 

 5 portfolio building preplanned photoshoots
i have a shoot next wednesday as long as the weather is decent. 
(let's just say "pink vespa" - i'm thrilled!)

 make a website and facebook fan page for my photography
 i thought i had completed the wix one - and sent it live.  it needs a bit of fixing and i really hate that the domain name is
how lame is that!?!
i need to buy a domain but can't spare the cash right now - perhaps later in the year.
if you want to check out the link let me know if it works
it does on my computer but not on the one at my school (?)
and by all means, if you have a cheap domain service, let me know :)

organize my harddrives
i spent a rainy afternoon during the vacation doing a lot of rearranging, clicking and dragging. 
i'm halfway on this one. still need to backup to dvd too though, so maybe another full day will do

learn to appreciate wine or at least like it a little
i am pleased to report that i think this one is complete!
while my family came to visit we visited 2 vineyards and a wine house. i learned a lot about the process of making wine, and which steps will result in which flavours, etc. 
i now know what i like.  we tested over 25 vines in an afternoon!
(ha ha a good time - and we had a tour guide/chauffeur which was the best part)
here are some pictures from the vinyards - cheers!


  1. Sounds like great progress :) Also, I love the poster of your goals!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to bring my DSLR to France with me this summer. Found your blog on 20SB. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. There is nothing like a good glass of wine! I love seeing that you are still working hard on that list! I need to organize my hardrive too! :( I don't want to though, it's one of those projects that seems so daunting that you don't even want to start!


  4. Isn't it hard taking photos down in the cellars? We visited there in the fall and I got to go down in the cellars of Moet Chandon and I was so excited when I saw how cool it looked, but my photos are on the blurry side :( No tripod. Yours turned out great :)

  5. good for you!
    love those photos too - fantastic!

  6. crossing things off a list is one of the most satisfying things ever! good for you!
    i can not wait to see your pink vespa photoshoot! i have a baby blue scooter that i cant wait to pull out as soon as it gets warm here!


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