Sunday, February 28, 2010

vancouver 2010

has anyone been watching the olympics? 
it's tough from here to be able to see anything - 9 hours time difference between us and vancouver - but steve and i read online and watch highlights every day.
and i have to say, i am sort of wishing i could be in canada to see this. i have some friends who have been lucky enough to go to the games and they had a blast.  aside from attending, it would have been incredible to witness the national pride firsthand - especially on a day like today. 
today is gold medal hockey day. 
we'll be watching the game online, as best we can find it, and i'll also be enjoying the dozens of facebook status updates every time there's action in the game.  

what is your opinion of the games?
mine lies somewhere between 'healthy world competition' and 'waste of money that could be better spent.'  if only the countries of the world would put this amount of money into competing for the best quality of life, or the best education for their citizens.  (why has education become so undervalued? maybe i'll save that for another post)

anyway - enjoy what's left of the games, the fireworks of the closing ceremonies, and 

EDIT: Canada is up 2-0 in the game!
(we're excitedly huddled around our computer.  listening to hockey commentary in french is fun.)

EDIT: overtime win! hurray! 
lol the french announcer really did say "ooooh la la!" multiple times 


  1. I really love the Olympics... maybe there's money that could be better spent, but that's true of so many things, it seems unfair to single out the games.

    I'm also a huge supporter the lesser-known academic olympiads - though sadly those tend not to get prime time TV slots!

  2. I loved watching the curling events... and now I've got a crush on the whole Canadian olympic curling team! (Visiting from SITS)


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