Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy happy.

it's so sweet, cat has given me this award, because my blog makes her smile.  :)

so, i am to blog about 10 things that make me happy, and then pass this award along to 10 other blogs.
(find them at the end) it's a bit of a silly and france related edition. here goes:

hanging out with the lovely language assistants.  the parties sometimes never end.

the yogurt aisle at my grocery store.  you can't see it here but it spans both sides. yum.

 this music video.

wandering the antique market on mondays.

learning and practicing new photography techniques.
i have bigger plans for this one.

the abundant selection of french macarons.
note: do not order the one named "rose." it does not just mean pink.
it means you'll bite into what is usually a delicious confection and to be greeted with the feeling of a  mouthful of flower petals.  heartbreaking really.  why does it have to be the prettiest!?

this picture. (steve won the toy in the galette de rois cake, and gets to wear the crown...)

walking past this ridiculous poster of george clooney.  the expression on his face is so strange.
he also has ads for an espresso company that are overly silly for a man who's normally so cool.

finding a new hair dye that matches my fave canadian red dye.  love the fresh red feeling!


  1. Aww, that's the cutest award, I love the cupcakes :) Will have to check out your recommendations later.

  2. Love your 10! Love the yogurt isle I wish I could remember the yogurt I used to buy at Tesco in England, it was the best! Love the bokeh hearts and "rose" ewww! :)


  3. Congrats on your award, love your pics :)

  4. Too many things, but... hehe, thanks for the mention. That yogurt aisle is amazing. The stop-motion video had me grinning for its entire duration. How did you make the hearts??? Nie crown. Nice dye. You make a great redhead.

  5. Congrats on the award! I love your hair color! I also had to find a new match to my old hair color after moving to scandinavia

  6. How did you get lights shaped like hearts in that photo?! Do tell!

  7. Hey Mel!

    Thanks for mentioning me! I miss you, when are you coming back :D?
    Keep the photos coming, they're fantastic!

  8. thanks for the mention, you're the sweetest!
    love cait

  9. aw, thanks!
    or, i gues... merci beacoup! :)

    i can't believe you have a two-sided yogurt aisle... jealous!

  10. Oh, goodness Mel would I give anything for you to ship me some Macarons! I"ve been working on my macaron technique for over a year now, with only limited success (and let's just say I'm using the term "success" loosely)- although, I do only attempt the tasty little monsters around Christmastime. :)

    The yoghurt aisle is wild. I totally don't remember that when I was there! But I don't know that I ever went into a full size grocery store in France. I know I did in Italy, but I dunno. I'm not sure. I wish we had that many yoghurt choices!


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