Monday, January 25, 2010

a girl can drool...

today, for no reason in particular, i am just crabby.  not a great sleep last night, it's raining, i stood at the post office for 40 minutes because the lines were insane and then they couldn't find my parcel... still don't have it.
anyway, chatting with my friend cindy and playing on polvore is cheering me up.
this one is my "i wish i had the money and party invite to be able to wear this dress" set.
loooove this dress!
clearly i have way too many accessories, but i couldn't decide, and the pic with just the dress and earrings looks a bit empty.

Items in this set:

this set is a bit more realistic - "what i'd buy if i could have a forever 21 shopping spree today"
after browsing i realized i'm quite inspired by my surroundings.


  1. I'm right there with you! Those are some cute outfits! That ruffled F21 cardigan is a adorable bargain!!


  2. Love both sets, but especially the Party Girl! I can only dream, though. How about something for a slightly older gal?

  3. i was a complete polywhore until i got married. ::sigh:: i sure do miss my poly pals...u can find me there as 'sexyplexi' in case you have sometime.

    Have a nice day SITSa!

  4. Stumbled apon this entry and wanted to say that I absolutely love this DVF Dress.
    You have great taste in clothes. :D


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