Sunday, January 24, 2010

followup to the most ludacris blog post ever.

so the NRJ awards were last night, and i can now say i've experienced some red carpet insanity.
we went to the palais, after hearing the cheering crowds from our apartment. we were clearly too late to get a good place, or even a clear photo - but it was fun nonetheless.

 we 'saw' michael buble, pharrell, a huge number of french stars we didn't know, robbie williams

and rhianna.  we moved out of the crowd of annoying 12 year olds by this point...

it was fun and a little preview for the film festival madness in may.

as for the afterparty options, i decided to wear the "little purple dress" that i had bought for christmas parties this year.  but it was for not.  we ended up going to 2 other house parties with friends, having a really good time there, and everyone decided it was better than attempting to star watch at a club that's overpriced and probably has the stars in a VIP room anyway. 
we can save that experience for during the film festival ;)


  1. I would guess you had more fun going to parties with people you know - but it's always fun to see a bit of the madness, I've run into it by accident in Leicester Square before now.

  2. that is so neat you got to experience that!!!


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