Saturday, January 23, 2010

probably the most ludacris blog post i'll ever write.

tonight in cannes are the NRJ music awards.

 in order to get tickets to you need to win a lottery - steve and i won tickets to a flamenco jazz concert for monday night.  not quite the same.

but, all hopes of stargazing are not lost.  there's always the option of being one of these people:

they're currently setting up this year's carpet.  (if you walk past those white tents and one block to the left, you will arrive at our apartment building. insane.)
tonight in cannes, there are 2 afterparties. one hosted by jay-z here:

and one hosted by the black eyed peas here:

so i'm on the fence about what to do.  to get into one of the clubs later - the cover charge is 50 euros.  roughly $80.... ouch.  but my crazy assistant friends want to go - and what happens if they have a great time and i miss out?! lol.  such a ridiculous problem to have.  but i can't decide. i'll let you know what i end up doing.  there are already 2 house parties tonight that steve and i have been invited to. 
we shall see.
what would i even wear to this!?


  1. You can never go wrong with a little black dress! Whatever you do, it sounds like you will have a great night!!!
    Happy SITS Saturday!

  2. wow I would totally go!! If you do, take pics!!! I wanna see!!

  3. Stopping by from SITS - agree about the little black dress... hoping you had fun whatever you decided

  4. For outfir - err on something classy but comfortable. As someone said above "little black dress" is always good... but the same idea in plum or burgundy is even better! (Fitted okay, but not TOO short and not TOO low-cut).

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