Thursday, December 31, 2009

best of 2009 - part two.

moving to kingston was difficult in more ways than we would have thought.  i missed my old friends, didn't have a job for the first while (and while steve was too busy with exams to hang out).  we fought a lot.  including on a long weekend trip to montreal. ha ha.

the only person i knew was annie.  such a sweetheart and lifesaver!
(as we made sushi for the first time)

but eventually kingston grew on me.  i got a job at the university bookstore and met some cool people.  the best part of the day was by far the lunch hour.  spending it in the sun and taking pics around campus with my fave co-workers.

and steve and i got along better ;)

there was a power outage that lasted hours... all we could do was go to the park, play frisbee and watch the birds and squirrels fighting in the trees overhead.  a great evening. 

and of course - the philosophers stones! - the unofficial ultimate frisbee team of the queens university philosophy department, which i joined when they began playing non-competitively after the season ended. lol.  great fun and fantastic people.

i got to take 2 trips to thunder bay to attend and photograph good friend's weddings. and of course reconnect with old dear friends.

two trips back to thunder bay also meant visits with my family.  and getting to take photos of my grandma's garden for her.

the next weekend was another wedding in toronto. (i'm of that age...)
an awesome party with some of the best people in the world.  aww i miss you!

then came the news that i had the job in france! and saying goodbye again. everywhere.

we sold almost everything in a yard sale. then drove the 18+ hours to thunder bay to store the rest with our parents.  2 days drive, 2 days to visit, 2 days drive, 2 days until europe. insane.


  1. Lovely group shot at the T-Bay wedding. Almost as good as the group shot for the R+J wedding.

  2. Beautiful pics Mel, what a fabulous year you've had. May 2010 be an equally awesome one :)


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