Thursday, December 31, 2009

best of 2009 - part three.

moving to europe. wow. big one.
and i really have blogged most of what's been going on, but here goes.
this is where we moved:

best first and foremost - getting to hang with my cousin jocelyn.
this is us out for dinner on my birthday and getting photo-bombed by the waiter.

swimming in the ocean and lying on the beach!

getting to know the other language assistants, and having girls nights out.
why don't men take this job?

halloween vs michael jackson.
only 15 or so dressed for halloween (not so big in france) but maybe 100 m.j.'s and his music played all night.  joce and i have never gotten to party together like this before. such a great night.

day trip to the market in ventimiglia, italy. and the best gelato of all time.

watching the finish line at a marathon and cheering.

seeing how dedicated steve is to watching football. note that we also have a 6 hour time difference whenever he wants to watch a live game.  8 pm game = 2 am here.

 going to paris for a weekend and meeting steve's cousins.

american thanksgiving for the first time.

preparing for christmas. a.k.a. hanging pictures and making paper trees. and making chocolate chip cookies in the toaster oven, without many of the usual supplies.
and holiday parties. and the christmas markets full of fake snow.  and sandmen.

having steve's friend jon come to visit for 10 days.  to see avatar, have a beer at a pub and then watch steve as he had the flu. but we bonded :)

spending christmas in paris with my best friend.

(more pics of this later)

what can i say... it's been an incredible year!

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