Thursday, December 31, 2009

best of 2009 - part one.

the year has been pretty awesome, i must admit.
so awesome that it takes 3 posts - this is from jan to april! others below :)

it began in toronto. with the best roommate and best friend ever - cindy. and our endless giggle fits, kitchen adventures and sex and the city marathons.

i worked at the urban scrapyard.  getting paid to scrapbook full time.

steve and i went to calgary, for my dad's beach wedding. (in january, yep.)

he took us on a roadtrip to banff. 

my mom came to toronto, and we ran a scrapbooking activity table on family day at the sick kids hospital. such a fun day!

steve and i were still long distance...

i went to montreal with my auntie lyette and cousin jocelyn, to help with their first trade show to sell their flirty reusable shopping bags.  (i love montreal - and hanging out with these ladies!)

steve and i went to see bloc party and holy f*ck. 2 of my favourite bands.

my coworker agnes modeled for me - these are 2 of my fave shots of the year.

i visited the magical toronto island with some great friends.

after a day out for cindy's birthday we came home to firemen in our living room and a broken door.
(the fire was actually in the apt below, but they had disconnected their alarms! ours went off)

and then i moved to kingston. to live with steve as a test drive before france.
but i had to say bye to the best housemates of all time. and my toronto family.
it was really bittersweet. (but we did have a great night out dancing!)


  1. What awesome pictures!!!! Looks like a great year for you!!!

  2. Glad you had such an awesome year! Hope 2010 is just as awesome for you!!

  3. Happy SITS Saturday.
    Scrapbooking for a living sounds AWESOME!

  4. Looks like a great year!

    There's got to be a great story behind that wedding pic!

    Stopping in from SITS.

  5. Sounds like a great year :D And you have some fab pictures to remember it by. Just found your blog thru SITS.

  6. I LOVE the beach wedding shot, and not just because I didn't realize what it was until I read your description.
    Can't tell who everyone is on the Toronto island photo. Beautiful nighttime shot as well.


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