Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I'm a little late with the news (waaay behind my Instagram) but on July 1 Steve and I celebrated our 7 year Anniversary and he proposed under the lights of the Torontk skyline.   His intention was to ask under the Canada Day fireworks but for some reason the Harbourfront fireworks were on "Canada's eve" in June.  Either way it was lovely and of course I said yes!

Now comes the big complicated but fun to do list.  And wedding crafts!!! 
I'm really excited to marry Steve and we are both looking forward to a personal, relaxed and small wedding.  

We have our date and our venue booked for the spring.  Check it out!
And it's in midtown Toronto a short walk from where we live. 💖
I can't wait to spend a weekend hanging out there! 
There are a thousand decisions to make and I am the queen of indecision, so it may take me a while to narrow things down.  Pinterest is not really helping...
But we're leaning toward a mid century modern BBQ in that Victorian mansion.  Haha.
What was your wedding like? Or what's the best thing about the best wedding you have ever been to? I can talk weddings all day right now.  😊

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  1. Congrats again Mel! :D But can I just say PHWOAR! Your venue is an actual dream. I am so jealous. It's incredible and I love the idea of a modern BBQ.

    Dare I say, a vintage brooch bouquet? ;)

    xx A


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