Monday, October 1, 2012

Count to 30 - #16.

List #16!

Since it's Oct 1st...
My favourite things about fall.

I should start by saying that this list might be tricky to write, because fall in Canada is always very brief, in Toronto it's been rainy every year, and generally it just reminds me of the gloom that is winter approaching.  I also dislike shades of brown and chai & pumpkin flavours.  But there are some things to be grateful for! Let's just see if I can list 16 of them ;)

 1.  The changing colours of leaves are beautiful.

 2.  My birthday is in the fall, so that's a little bit of excitement.

 3.  Apple cider is really the only warm bevvie that I like.  I'm trying to get onto tea, slowly.

 4.  When the air is just a little bit chilly, the sun is still warm, and you can wear a cute sweater but don't need a jacket.

 5.  I like squash and other autumn vegetable harvests.

 6.  I love Hallowe'en.

 7.  It's cool enough at home to bake things in the oven again.  Pies!

 8.  Daylight savings time in the fall - it's always a little exciting to get an extra hour of sleep for that one day...

 9.  We Canadians have Thanksgiving in October, so it's nice to have a big meal with family and friends.

10.  I do like to start preplanning Christmas gifts around now - I usually try to make things as gifts.

11.  Boots.  Boots are nice.

12.  I do like shopping for cute coats as well.

13.  Cold weather hats are nicer than warm weather ones.

14.  Back to school stationery sales.

15.  New tv seasons? Yeah I'm struggling now...

16.  Bloggers are getting back into the swing of things :)

Whew! I did it.  Lol.
What do you like or dislike about fall?  


  1. Literally 100% agree with your entire list. Crunchy leaves. Mittens. Snuggling with hot drinks. Getting back into crocheting/knitting. Watching scary movies. HALLOWEEN! Tres excited.

    1. Will you dress up for Halloween? Are they celebrating it across the pond much now?

  2. Solid list considering you don't even like Fall. ;)

    Agree with a lot of it. Especially Halloween. Halloween's the BEST. That always takes some of the sting out of the cold lurking ever closer.

    Have you been planning your costume yet?

    1. Yes and no. I have a costume that's there but was unused last year, because Steve didn't like it. We haven't talked about possibilities for this year at all, so it might be that one...


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