Monday, September 24, 2012

Count to 30 - #14.

I'm turning 30 soon, and am writing 30 lists.  Here's #14. 

My favourite photos not taken by me.
(I wish!)

David Lachapelle photographs Katy Perry for ghd

by Rodney Smith

by Paul Malon

Photo of George Clooney by Sam Jones

Fa ca Shion by afvoetomath on DeviantART

Pepper #30 by Edward Weston. 
Seriously, he makes a vegetable look amazing.

 Amos Chapple photographs a couple in the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.  I really want to go here!

 Ellen Page by Eric Ogden

 By Tim Walker

 I can't find the credit for this one... Apologies to the photographer!

By Rosie Hardy

By Max Wanger for Rue Magazine, styled by Catherine Sheppard
(I mostly aspire to have a party filled with great friends and colourful decorations!)

By Tejal Patni

By Jessica Claire.  It makes me want to buy fireworks and find a field in the country.  So awesome.

There you have it, now I really want to go take some pictures...


  1. The Tunnel of Love is incredible. Did you post that before?


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