Tuesday, June 19, 2012


On Friday of last week I noticed a post on a friend's facebook wall that would change the course of my weekend.  A girl I hadn't seen since high school asked "Anyone know people living in Toronto that might want to buy Radiohead tickets?"
I was thrilled.  I immediately added her as a friend and sent her a message about the tickets.
She was selling them for less than she paid - awesome.
The concert was the next day & I had the day off - perfect.
She had 3 to sell and I needed 2 - cool.
The tickets were in Thunder Bay and needed to get to Toronto - hmmm.

She did find a person she knew who was flying to Toronto the next day, if I could go to the airport and get the tickets there.  Ok.  So it takes me an hour and a half to get to Toronto's terribly placed airport from where I live.  And what? Her flight lands at 8am.  Oh boy.
But I did it - I've wanted to see Radiohead forever, never lived in a city where they were going to play, and this concert sold out so quickly.  I packed a book and got the tickets.

I then went home and had a nap.
A few hours later in the day, as Steve and I were heading out the door to go to the concert, I got a text.  "Mel, look at the news or call the concert venue."  What?
And the news was terrible.  The stage collapsed just before they opened the gates.
It injured 3 and killed one man from Radiohead's road crew.  The concert was cancelled. 

We couldn't believe it.  I called other friends that were going to the concert and everyone was in disbelief. 

My apologies, I don't want to make it seem like the event was trivial, but I don't know how to segue into how the rest of my night turned out to be great.   I sincerely hope they can figure out the cause of the accident and prevent it from happening in the future.

Back to my shallow story.
We were ready to go out on a Saturday night but now had to find new plans.

This is the thing I love most about Toronto.  There is always something.

We decided to meet up with K & H.  They were downtown and enjoying some of the free concerts Luminato had to offer.  We told them find a restaurant somewhere off of Yonge and we'd meet.
They ended up finding a little place called the Urban House Cafe.  Which was having its grand opening that night and we'd be some of their first patrons.
Sorry - blurry cell phone pic! But they have a nice patio :)
Guess what the Saturday night special was?  2 entrees and a pitcher of beer or sangria for $24.95!
The gals went with Sangria.
Guys went with beer.
Now we probably would go to this little cafe again, but maybe just for drinks.  lol.
The menu had AMAZING prices - meals ranging from $4-$11.  But the menu was all over the place with Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, All Day Breakfast and even sushi.    Jack of all trades, master of none - we were not really impressed by the food.  No one tried the breakfast though, maybe that would be good?  Next time, drinks & nachos!

After our around-the-world dinner we walked down to Yonge and Dundas to catch the free Flaming Lips concert that was part of NXNE.  It was packed.  But a lot of fun.  I've always wanted to see the Flaming Lips play too. 
After we couldn't take the crowd any longer, we decided to head to Utopia, a fave restaurant for some gourmet poutine we may have been craving.  As we headed to the restaurant we discovered a street carnival in Little Italy, and walked through bands, dancing and a midway to get to Utopia.
Toronto you saucy minx!
Overall it ended up being a great night, even though completely different than planned.
Feeling thankful for Toronto and good friends. 


  1. SO sad to hear about the Radiohead show, but happy to hear you had an awesome night anyway! Good memories are awesome!

  2. That was so intense about the Radiohead concert and very sad the drum tech died. It seems like you had a good night though. We had considered The Flaming Lips show too, but having attended one of the previous years nxne show at Dundas Square, I knew it would be unbelievably crowded. But I bet it was really good!



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