Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fashion Photography School - Part 1

I'm a little late in mentioning that I started another course, Fashion Photography, in the first week of May.  Now we are finished.   It was a shortened summer semester with class 2 nights a week for 3 hours.  Also of note is that it wasn't in the photography department, but in the fashion one.   Thus, all of my classmates were aspiring stylists and designers, which is pretty cool.
We spent a lot of time tearing up magazines and discussing the photographs.  What type of lens was used?  How did they light the shot? What about this shot makes you like it so much?
We also had some mini shoots in studio, creating images of our own. 

For the first assignment we had to photograph our group members.  This is group 4!
L, me, A

I took this photo of A, feeling the newly warm weather.
Then I got sick of this look and changed everything up - I took this, which I still haven't touched up in Photoshop to get rid of the frizzies.

A took this photo of me, inspired by Lilo's ads for Miu Miu. 

And then I modeled for L as well.  These shots are a little more interesting...
Let's just say there is a huge sense of trust here blog readers, that you will not use this photo to embarrass me in any future circumstance.   I am not sure what was happening.  There were no mirrors in the studio.

For our 2nd studio assignment we had to style and photograph a model with a look we wanted to achieve.  My lovely friend K modeled for all 3 of us in the group.  A photographed her in a green, Audrey kind of mood.  

I went with an On-set-while-filming-the-movie-Cleopatra-with-Elizabeth-Taylor vibe.  I think she looks awesome. 

That's a quick summary of the first half of the course.  I do have more photos to share with you later this week, and I know you'll be so heartbroken that I'm not the model.  Haha.  Happy Thursday and talk soon,


  1. What a neat course to take! The photos re lovely!

  2. No future embarrassment or blackmail, promise. Just one question: when WILL your Björk video be released?

    But in all seriousness, very nice photos as always. The one with you in the sunglasses is cool x3.

    1. Ha ha ha, those photos would have an interesting soundtrack. I wonder what Bjork has been up to lately?

    2. I want to say Prime Minister of Iceland. But somehow I think reality's gonna disappoint me on that one.


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