Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Smiles this week

Kalle Mattson - Thick as Theives -
An animated history of the world and sweet catchy tune from an Ontario band.

I found the weirdest thing at the thrift store a couple weeks ago - and it was featured on Hello Giggles
Why it was at Goodwill is beyond me...

New York City's Department of Records has made millions of images public online.  There are so many incredible historic shots to look at - this one is a fave of mine.

I've started taking another night school course - Fashion Photography this time.   I'm enjoying it so far.  We get to play in the studio tonight.

Have you heard of The website will help you find volunteer opportunities that match your interests and are in your area.  Such a great idea!

And best of all - the weather is getting warmer, the trees are covered in green, and it's not dark at 5pm anymore! That makes me very very happy :)

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