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Do What You Love and Fight Cancer

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We all know someone who has or has fought cancer.  Melanie B blogs with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, and while we may not have cancer ourselves, perhaps this advice can help a loved one, or really, that we should add more of this to our lives even when we aren't sick. 
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Do What You Love and Gain Freedom From Cancer

A cancer diagnosis, anything from breast cancer to a mesothelioma prognosis can prompt positive change in your life. Yes, that’s right, a positive change! Take your negativity and mold your mind to think positive—it helps on your path to wellness and healing! Discover what you love to do or keep on top of things you’ve always done. Creative workshops can help patients renew their spirits and move on a wonderful journey to a new beginning.

What Have You Always Wanted to Do in Life?

Chances are chemotherapy and radiation is not high on the list. So, what is? Most people, if they are truly honest, want to live a life of leisure without cares in the world. Actually, that type of lifestyle is best for cancer patients. A life full of fitness, leisure and stress-free activities is what cancer patients need to recover and heal from cancer. Stress exacerbates illnesses by reducing weakening the patient’s immune system. Hormones are released into the blood, which makes it difficult for the body’s natural mechanisms to fight cancer. While chemotherapy and radiation help to kill cancer, the body still needs to heal. What’s your healing outlet? Be Creative and fight cancer!

What Types of Activities Promote This Way of Living?

Creativity is one way to help people heal and to promote overall wellness. When we attempt to inspire others, we also inspire ourselves. It is a form of self-motivation. Self-motivation originates from a person with a positive outlook on life and a will to keep living. Cancer patients need a healthy dose of self-motivation.

Make a list of creative items you could do to relieve stress and help your mind, body and spirit heal. If you are at a loss for creative ideas, let me give you some hints:

Take Pictures: This may sound simple, but it can be incredibly relieving and does not require significant thought. There is some thinking required about the composition of the picture, but overall, the process is simple. Take pictures of your friends, your family or people in your support group. Take pictures while on vacation, at the beach, in the mountains or while touring the city. Take pictures of your kids or animals. Simply take pictures of anything that is beautiful and inspiring to you. This is a part of your healing.

Join a Creativity Workshop and Paint: Some people like to create artwork. You do not have to be professionally trained to express what is in your heart and mind. Simply express on paper or canvas what comes to mind.

Sometimes we as adults have difficulty letting go of the entrapments of adult life. When we evaluate our lives, we discover that sometimes we have to think like kids. A kid raised thousands of dollars for cancer treatments by drawing monsters. The drawings were therapeutic, simple, compelling and effective. Our goal may not be to raise money or even to earn an income, but through creative therapy, an opportunity may emerge and open up a new door for opportunity.

Workshops or online resources provide a forum to be around like-minded people who can provide support for your art form. This is an excellent means of creative outlet. Learn the tips and tricks to get started with your passion and move forward down the road to wellness!

Check out a lot more information on wellness at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

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