Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Life Weeks 1-10

I am hooked on Project Life.  I don't know if you scrapbook, or used to do it, but this is a whole new way about it.  It's faster, simpler and a better capsule of time in my opinion.
Basically, for every week of your life you make a 2 page layout.  Document the everyday things that you do, say, see, etc.   These things wouldn't normally make it into a scrapbook layout, but all together in a book they come together to give a full picture of your life. 
I started in March, so I'm a bit slow on sharing the progress with you, but here are the first 10 weeks, ha.
I especially love it because it's got me scrapbooking again.

Week one: Honey Shreddies are delicious, fire alarms, work, boggle, construction, laundry.

Week two: new hair colour, the gym, neigborhood walks, hanging with friends.  (A lot of hanging out, there's an extra insert this week. )

So you can see the hair ;)

Week three:  boudoir photoshoot, my family cat died, etsy shop opening, St Patty's day, Mexican food.

Week four:  My Papa (grandpa) died.  I can't think about anything else.

Week five: I'm in my hometown for his funeral.

Week six:  Easter, grilled cheese on the waffle iron, we leave for Chicago.

Week six part II:  Hanging out in Chicago.

Week seven: More Chicago, back home and sick with a cold, new bedding from Ikea.

Week eight:  A friend does stand-up, watching hockey, tasty food, first Blue Jays game.

Week nine:  I start a new class at school, lunch with a friend, work, a creative photoshoot.

Week ten: Supermoon, craft diy, bridal shower.

Week ten insert:  Bridal shower/best cupcakes ever.  (Lemon popyseed w lemon curd and cream cheese frosting.)

Week ten part II: studio lighting in class, Canadian Shield at the Horseshoe Tavern, hair dyed again, strawberry rhubarb pie.

It's funny to see 10 weeks summarized in one blog post.  Are you doing Project Life?  Are you interested/would you like to see more posts?
I hope you're having a fab Wednesday!

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  1. I love your project life pages and your new hair!! super cute. :) I am thinking of starting project life on my anniversary in june. We did a 365 picture project for the last year (so we have our whole 5th year of marriage in pictures) and it was so cool, but I do miss scrapbooking too... Thanks for the inspiration!


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