Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crafting in Toronto - Papercrafting at Bizzy B's Stamp & Scrap

My documentation of the best craft shopping in Toronto continues.  (See the first post here.)

A few years ago, when scrapbooking was at its peak - I worked in a scrapbooking store and had a great time.  There were also at the time several store options for us paper-lovers to shop.  However, the recession hit these boutiques hard, and well, hobbies are the first to go when people cut back.

Thankfully Bizzy B's is still around.  
(At 2100 Bloor St West, between High Park and Runnymede subway stations)

I can (and do sometimes) spend hours here.

I love slowly looking at all the pretty papers, planning projects, cards, scrapbook pages and gifts. 
These are my fave things at the store right now.
Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook Line for American Crafts - LOVE!
Oodles of ribbon
Cardstock as far as the eye can see...
Pens in every colour
pretty patterned papers
and velvet ones
Clearly I like things organized in rainbows. 
I should also note that the store has loads of stamps, papercrafting tools and if you need something specific they'll order in for you. 
If you do stop by Bizzy B's, make sure to stop at High Park and enjoy the breeze in the trees.  It's lovely, you'll be glad you did.
P.s. I bought most of the papers in the first photo ;)

This was not a sponsored post.  I just want to feature some of my fave places in the city before they disappear, like some from the past already have. 
Do you have any fave places to craft shop in Toronto?  Anything you can't seem to find?
If you don't live in Toronto but want advice before you visit, let me know :)


  1. Omghad, this makes me want to go and visit this store so bad - lines and rows and miles of papers organized so nicely is such a soft spot for me!


  2. Wow, I can't wait to see pictures of when you and Steve get married. I think you could plan the most beautiful and most creative wedding. I hope you would blog about that in the future. :)

    1. Haha thanks. But don't hold your breath. Of course I will blog about it, but it's not happening any time soon ;)

  3. That's close to my house!
    What a GREAT shop.

  4. this makes me miss scrapbook stores. I haven't smelled new paper in so long.. and don't laugh! It has a smell. ;)


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