Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trying to eat healthier

A few weeks ago, Steve and I changed up our dinner schedule. 
It used to be that we would alternate who cooked dinner, but it was kind of all over the place.  So now, I am cooking all dinners and Steve's doing all the dishes.   Fine by me, I hate dishes.

At the same time, I decided I wanted to change some things. 
It's not that we ate terribly before at all - but I want to try to eat better.
The goals:
To waste less food.   Now that I'm doing all the cooking, I can meal plan and know what's coming up that will use the same ingredients.  I don't want to think about the amount of $ spent on foods that expired before we used them.
To eat less processed foods.  I am trying to make as much as possible from scratch.  I will still use up what foods I do have in the freezer and pantry, but after that, no more frozen premade meatballs, box mixes, etc. 
To eat more vegetables.  So far we've been successful with having half the plate full of veggies. 
To make meals more efficient.  At the beginning it will be more work, but I want to create a stockpile of extra homemade food in the freezer.  Making double the recipe at first and then stashing it - for after a long day in the future.
To eat more variety.  We were sort of in a rut with about ten meals.  I'll be happy if I don't see pasta with tomato sauce for a very long time ;)

So far, the plan is going well.  It doesn't take all that long to make things from scratch.  I even made bread for the first time!  (A delicious foccacia that I served with homemade minestrone soup.)
And after work I still have the energy and motivation to cook because I know ahead what I'll be cooking.
This week my plan received extra motivation when I read this article about heart disease.  
Now only if I didn't have such a sweet tooth!  That will be worked on, but after this first step becomes routine. 

Would anyone be interested in seeing a meal plan or recipes that I liked?
Are you trying to make changes to your eating habits as well? Any tips and tricks?


  1. I would love to see what your cooking. I recently starting meal planning as well for pretty much the same reasons. less wasted food and better for me?! win win.

  2. I would love to see your meal plans recipes!! I am trying to maintain eating healthy most of the time! I have been loving your pins too! :)

  3. Well then lovely ladies it's settled.
    I will post some recipes soon :)

  4. I'd also love to see your meal plans & recipes. I am also taking my health more seriously lately and am focussing on exercising a bit more and eating healthier. Any inspiration would be lovely!


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