Monday, March 12, 2012

Smiles This Week

Have you seen these amazing photographs yet?  They're colour photographs from 1909-1912 - years before colour film was invented.  The photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii used a special camera to capture 3 black and white images in quick succession - each using a filter -  red, green and blue.   This is his self portrait.

This hand crocheted scarf is really impressive.  For those with a darker side, it can be yours for 950 British Pounds.  

What would the world be without social media?  I for one, would never have seen this hilariousness. 
That's how I feel after visiting my grandma.

How's this for planning ahead?
Grant, who I met while assisting the same photographer, proposed to his girlfriend and recorded a time lapse of it.  It's short and cute over here. 

I am totally inspired by the artwork at
Look at some of the magical ribbon sculptures.

Spring has arrived in Toronto! It's fabulous.
And I got my hair done today, I love it.  Photos soon.


  1. HAHA THAT POSSUM. Made me laugh out loud!
    That self portrait is so cool, there truly are some brilliant souls out there.


  2. yes love the photographs. Hope you can visit me and see whether you like to follow each other. Let me know and will follow you right back.


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