Monday, March 19, 2012

The Life of Pretzel.

My family got a cat in the summer between my grade 7 & 8. 
We already had a dog, Winston, but when we found out we could have a kitten too, we jumped at the chance.  We had a long debate about what to name him, but ultimately went with Pretzel.
I can imagine his first day around was a little intimidating. 
But he held his own.  He was an adventurer and always entertained us with his antics.
A few years ago he got in a fight with another cat, in our backyard - they tumbled down the stairs like a cartoon ball of fur & curse symbols.  Pretzel lost a front tooth. 

Over the years he grew old and calmed down a lot.  No more stealing waffles from the dining table, bringing us dead mice to the doorstep or chasing his own tail.  In the past few months he got more and more frail and we said goodbye on the weekend. 
It's amazing how an animal can become such a part of a family.  I haven't lived in the same house (or city) as Pretzel for years now, but I'll still miss this little furball next time I visit. 
He was always such a good listener too.  ;)

Have you still got family pets at your parents' house?


  1. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your beautiful cat~ Animals ARE family and it is never easy to say goodbye.
    Thinking of you!
    Thank you for sharing the awesome stories of Pretzels life!

  2. Im sorry for your loss *big hugs*!!- such a pretty cat! Your story about the cartoon tumble with curse symbols made me giggle hah!
    I still live with my parents, but I can understand a bit because I grew up with my aunt's dogs and I absolutely miss the ones that have passed even though I never lived with them! It's always tough :(


  3. So sorry for your loss, Mel. I know full well how close the bond can be between a person and their pets. They are *absolutely* family.

    This was a very sweet remembrance for Pretzel. (And just to say, I'm always around if you want to talk.)


  4. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss, Mel. It's tough loosing a family pet. Especially one as adorable and fluffy as Pretzel. But the way I look at it whenever someone looses a pet, you and your family gave Pretzel a full life full of love. Something that another family may not have given him. He was so lucky to have had you and your family.

    I adore the picture of him meowing / hissing - I'm assuming that's thanks to your mad skills? Funny, our Juniper lost the exact same tooth, although for less heroic reasons.


  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute, he was gorgeous! We've lost two cats and it's hard, they become such a part of the family. Thinking of you. x


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