Monday, February 27, 2012

Over the weekend.

This weekend was a busy but fun one. 
Since my last blog post I:

Had a fire alarm go off in our apartment building.  
(I think the construction workers in the basement smoke too much.) 

Hung out with C on Queen St and we picked up the fabric for my aunt's wedding dress - it's really pretty. 

Spent Friday afternoon downtown with my oldest friend L, who was visiting Toronto for a couple days. 

Scrapbooked a few layouts.

Met my sister and her boyfriend for lunch - they were also in town this weekend, for a Leaf's game.

Sent my Aunt's wedding dress fabric back to my hometown with my sister.

Scrapbooked a few layouts. 

Worked at both of my jobs. 

Played some board games with Steve and a couple friends while half watching the Leaf's game. 

Bought a new pair of shoes.  (Madmen party anyone?)
(From Forever 21)

Cooked our fave Jamie Oliver recipe, and served it with a kick-ass spinach salad.

Got some prints of fave photos made. 

Found a pair of turquoise skinny jeans at Joe Fresh.
Change room visit.

Watched the Oscars.
My best dressed list: Penelope Cruz, Octavia Spencer and Berenice Bejo.  Through really, I would wear almost any of the dresses that walked the red carpet if I ever had somewhere fancy enough to go. 

  Do you pay any attention to the Oscar's? Which outfit did you like best?
Did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. Those skinny jeans are to-die-for. Bring them to Chicago when you visit and we can rock our colorful skinny jeans together :). Totally not weird...


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