Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post for Self Love Month

The wonderful and talented Amy Morby of A is for Ampersand has declared February Self Love Month, and filled her blog with dozens of posts promoting Self Acceptance and Love. 

I've got a little guest DIY over there today, based on a craft I used to make when I ran summer camps. 
Enjoy, and be nice to yourself today.



  1. Just read your "I'm Awesome Box" post. What a great idea!!!! I love it!!!

  2. Dig this idea - maybe I'll do it myself (if a little time frees up before the end of the month).

    And I love that Self Love Month is the same month as Valentine's Day. Maybe that's not directly related to the reason at all, but I think it's incredibly appropriate and logical, since loving and respecting oneself is essential to even be *capable* of having a healthy relationship. Just as important as loving and respecting one's partner, I'd say - you need a pretty perfect balance or else it's pretty much doomed to fail.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Aaand now that I've read up a little more, I see that I'm not even close. ;)

    3. Loved your post!


    4. I am with you, friend.
      I do think the month is Feb for a reason.
      You make a great point about healthy relationships (take note Rhianna) but I also think it's important to be accepting of oneself when you're single, probably moreso.

    5. Definitely! I just think it's *always* important in order to have a happy, healthy life.
      (Silly how long it can take to figure that out sometimes...)

  3. Very cool, Mel! That's a neat idea. Something to go through when one is feeling down in the dumps. A little reminder of all the good bits. Although, I don't think I could refer to mine as awesome.


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