Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath for Fall - DIY

I was in the mood for something festive for our apartment door, so I put this little wreath together. 
I wanted something that was small and easy to store in our little apartment.  Not much space for big foam wreaths around here.   It's so easy and simple that you can do it late at night, while catching up on tv shows, and not miss any jokes or plot points.
Speaking of late at night, please excuse the crummy process photos - it was a night too lazy to pull out the SLR and light things.  

1. You will need:
Loads of Ribbon in several colours and widths (I believe I used 9 yards)
Spare fabric (I used an old t-shirt)
Hot glue gun (or a lot of straight pins)
2 round objects to trace
2.  Trace round objects and cut out circles in the cardboard.  Mine was thin so I doubled up.
 Also, cut fabric into strips - 3 or 4 inches wide. 
3.  Wrap the fabric strips around the cardboard circles until the cardboard is hidden.  Secure the ends. 
4.  Cut ribbon into roughly 4 inch lengths for wide ones, 2.5 inches for the skinnies.  Place them evenly around the circle.  Fold in half, allowing for a pretty ribbon loop and pin or glue to the wreath.  Repeat until your wreath is full and you've run out of ribbon!
voila!  A sweet little wreath to decorate your door (or your floor, as seen here).
I hope you had a great weekend, whether you celebrated Thanksgiving like us Canadians, Columbus Day, or just the end of the week :)
I'm so thankful for the phenomenal weather we had!


  1. This is so pretty! What a great idea and you could do it in any colors for any season! (Although I love fall colors the best! ;))

  2. Oh that is RIDICULOUS. Those colors look amazing. I think I'm going to have to suck it up and make one of these tasty delights. Admittedly, I think I'd make a foam wreath, so I could re-pin different things to it. Awesome project.

  3. This wreath is so pretty, what a wonderful job you did!! I mean really impressive. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Thanks for finding your way to my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

  4. I love this! I would make an all green one for christmas and decorate it with other things! And I loved your comment! Haha, yay to no pumpkin pie! :)))

  5. Hi Mel! First timer on your blog! This is beautiful! I can see one being made for every season! Nice to meet you via BYW!

  6. It looks amazing! I am determined to make a wreath for Christmas this year and I this would work perfectly. I love the colors you used!

  7. Your wreath is so lovely! I love the colour combo.

    Loulou Downtown


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