Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wish I could have bought: at Renegade Chicago

I still have to sort/edit/print/scrapbook/blog the pictures I took in Chicago, but I thought I should at least share something(!) from our trip there. 
I was thrilled that the Renegade Craft Fair would be on while we were in town.  So of course I headed to Wicker Park to walk around and check it out.  It was great ! 
I spent all of my money I had brought, picked up some Christmas presents as well as goodies for myself, and endless inspiration for future craft projects. 
I wanted to buy so many things, but couldn't get them all - so I collected business cards to make this little list of coolness to share.

Enjoy the links, and thanks Renegade crafters for sharing your talent!


  1. That chalkboard skull is *amazing*.

  2. sooo much cute stuff! i would want to buy everything. can't wait to hear more about chicago!!!


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