Monday, September 5, 2011

52 weeks - weeks thirty-one to thirty-five

I got a little behind on posting my 52 week project.  I blame summer vacation.  Thankfully, the weather over the long weekend wasn't great, and it was easy enough to sort and edit photos. 
Good news for you, more photos in one post.  This one's all over the place. 
Week #31. 
"Don't worry Daddy, I'll catch you!" Adorable. 

Week #32. 
My apologies that you can't see this one totally yet.  
It is for a friend who is opening a men's clothing store - and he wants it kept secret until he launches.  (soon enough though - and exciting - my first shoot with a male model. )

Week #33.
I met Anna through our photography class last year.  We had a great day of shooting out at a stunning park just outside of Guelph, ON. 

Week #34.
A photo of Rachel for Delight Bags, my aunt started a small business designing reusable shopping bags.  They are extremely durable, have cushy handles and cute designs.  
Visit on facebook and say hi!

Week #35. 
Jenn is a musician and all around super fun gal.  
I did some headshots and fun stuff with her over the weekend. 

As always, if you'd like to see more pictures, check out my flickr.
Did you have a nice long weekend?

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