Monday, August 29, 2011

My Summer Vacation - part one.

I've been away from the blog for a couple of weeks, enjoying some summer vacation time.
I went back to my hometown - Thunder Bay - and spent a lot of time visiting family and friends.  I took loads of photos, so this will have to be broken into a few posts.
First stop was actually a mini road trip/shopping adventure with my mom to Duluth, MN.  Mostly for Target (still not in Canada for a few more months) and Charlotte Russe (please come to Canada!)
I snapped a quick picture of the sun rising as we drove toward the US border, and then left the camera packed away and shopped instead.  haha. 
View from the car window as the roadtrip began. 
fave things bought from charlotte russe

That is about all I can offer for the first 2 days. lol.
A summer tradition is photographing the flowers in my grandma's garden. (Mama is what we call her.)  She has an album of my photos from each year.  My visit back was a bit late in the summer this time, and sadly a lot of the flowers looked like this:
But there were still some survivors, waiting for me, looking gorgeous. 
Visiting my grandparents is my fave.
More summer vacation to come, what is your fave moment from this summer?

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