Thursday, May 26, 2011

thrift shopping - things i did buy :)

 I realized this evening that it has been eons since I've posted any vintage love.  I haven't stopped hunting.  There was a period of time when I tried not to buy anything just before moving - but now we have an apartment with nothing in it, and I get to slowly fill it up :)
First - the cabinet.  I saw this at the goodwill and couldn't pass it up.  Steve doesn't really like it, but I think I'll paint the legs and handles and it'll be fine.  It was $15 and fits our records perfectly.
Speaking of which, we've started collecting records.
 My first purchase on vinyl was meant to be - my favourite Bowie song. (insane 80's video btw)
 Little trinkets.  The "London Bus" is a piggy bank.  Does anyone else still use them? I love them, and rolling coins is a guilty pleasure, oddly enough.  The lamp I scored at a yard sale down the street from our new place.  It was $5.  It had a hideous dusty rose shade on it that smelled like 1000 cartons of cigarettes, I told the woman she could have it back.  Looking for the perfect shade - maybe white or teal?
And my fave items - 2 super cute glasses with pink flowers, and a vintage enamel flower brooch to add to my collection :)
Hope you enjoyed a tiny peek at our new apt.  I will have to show you more as we get more settled.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hurray. I love it. The cabinet is great. He'll figure it out eventually. Oh, and teal. diffidently.

  2. Top photo and caption is awesome possum. Totally reminds me of the Fraser/Silverstone flick, "Blast from the Past".

    My dad has hundreds of records. Picked them up from a dollar a box at garage sales when everyone was making room for cassette tapes. :-D Maybe they will be mine someday...


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