Sunday, May 29, 2011

52 weeks - week twenty.

Devan7904, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

Today's shoot was an absolute blast. 
Lets add the factors:
1.  Meeting the hilarious Devan for the first time when she came to my house and we picked outfits.
2.  Devan owns this dress! isn't it awesome? (from French Connection)
3.  Doors Open Toronto meant that the Spadina House Museum was free today - location shoot!
4.  Other tourists thought Devan was part of the museum, and took sooo many pictures of her.  At one point she burst out laughing because a crowd of about 20 was behind me as I shot.
5.  One of the ladies working let us sneak behind the roped off room to get this shot.  (As long as we didn't touch or sit on anything - everything is authentic and 150 years old...)

I'll try to post some more pics from the museum later this week, it's a beautiful place, and I have loads of great shots of Devan.
Annnnnd I'm going to my hometown on Tuesday, so I'll be busy seeing family and friends :)

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