Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 days of getting to know me. day one.

I am going to join Minnesota Girl in her 30 days quiz. 
Day 1.  A picture of you and 15 random facts about yourself.

C'est moi:
me0509, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

and the randomness:
1. My most favourite colour hair dye has been discontinued. 
I am constantly on the search for a great red.  
2. My favourite food is pineapple, the fresher the better.
3. I am amassing a collection of vintage hats that I love. 
4. Dresses with pockets are the best invention ever.
5.  I have a younger brother and younger sister.
6.  I find it hard to buy books.  I am a library  gal through and through.
7. Yesterday I bought a book on food styling for photographers.
8.  I recently won first place in a football pool. $282 in winnings.  All flukes!
9. I could eat breakfast foods for dinner for the rest of my life.  yum.
10. I am a little bit messy.  Especially with laundry. 
11. I will never get tired of the smell of coconut.
12. I wish I lived near the beach again.
13.  My dream job is to be the on staff photographer for a magazine.
14. My 2011 calendar is black and whites of Paris. 
15. I procrastinate but am never late.  
Take right now, when I should be in the shower getting ready for work.  lol. 

Let me know if you do this silly quiz too - it'd be nice to get to know you better :) 


  1. that is such a great photo of you!

  2. Awesome pic and list. In response to your #15. I am organized and proactive, and yet, somehow, always behind. I guess that adds some cosmic balance to you!

  3. what a beautiful photo!! LOVE your list :)

  4. I'm starting the quiz today! I'll let ya know how it goes!



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