Friday, January 14, 2011

30 days of getting to know me. day two.

day 2 - a picture of you and the person you have been close with for awhile.

Meet my great, kind, wonderful, talented friend Cindy. 
Here's a pic of what facebook has to say about us.
We have been friends for over a decade.   We first met at our elementary school, she was in class with my brother, I was in class with hers.   We re-met later through a mutual friend Meg, at a murder mystery birthday party, I believe.  We were acquaintances for a while, and then laughed to find out that we were in the same film production program in college.  From there, it's only gotten better. 
After graduation, Cindy moved to Toronto, and I took about 4 more years to follow.  I moved into a shared house with her brother, then a room opened and I moved in with Cindy.  
We've had, bake-a-thons, Sex and the City marathons, dance-offs in the kitchen, Christmas decorating parties and loads and loads of laughs.  She is truly like a sister to me. 
In the newest development, Cindy and her boyfriend Francesco got engaged, and asked me to be in the wedding party.  Whoo hoo! I get to help my best friend plan a beautiful day.  
oh! and Cindy's dad also figured out that we are, on far-reaching branches of the family tree, related.  She is family after all.

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