Saturday, August 28, 2010

i like to scrapbook. :)

and i even used to do it.
my scrapbooking supplies and i have been apart for a long while, and while the weather seems too nice to sit inside and create a page, i am reminiscing about my love for the craft and looking forward to spending chilly nights with a silly girlie movie, my paper cutter, gluesticks and stacks of paper. 
here are some of my fave pages:
my papa (grandfather) in a photobooth circa 1957

my shoes (though this page is a few years old now, i may have to match it with a whole new set - i can only see 3 pairs that i still own!

i made a scrapbook for steve for our 1st anniversary.  i love papers by bampop!

i think this one takes the cake as my fave page ever.  thanksgiving 2008.

from the time i tried to call steve from a payphone in paris.  he didn't get to the phone on time and i left a machine message.  my credit card was later charged $42.00.  super lame!

this is my cousin melissa, in a pic i took ages ago.  but it was fun to use rockstar papers, because you know, she's like that ;)

if you'd like to see more - my set is on flickr here.
and do you scrapbook? i'd love to see your layouts too!


  1. i think your favourite page is mine too. it's perfect!

  2. mel your pages are amazing i love them

  3. Those are so cute :) I haven't done scrapbooking, but I make cards, which I think involves some of the same compositional elements. Just on a smaller canvas.

  4. My scrapbooking supplies have been sorely neglected in the last while, as well. Seems that there is always something else to do. You may have inspired me to prioritize it this week. Time will tell...

  5. Oooooooooh you like to scrapbook, oh darling we are a purrrrfect happy mail match! YAY!!!!!

  6. hi pretty!! i just wanted to send you a message letting you know that i got your happy mail package and i loved everything so much!! that necklace is such a pretty colour and i love having teeny kleenexes like that for my purse. those magnets were adorable too! i sent yours off today and it should go to really soon :)

  7. I love these!!! Scrapbooking is so much fun, I must do it more often!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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