Saturday, April 24, 2010

world photography awards & inspiration

Thursday night, by some stroke of insane networking by my cousin, Katie and I were able to attend the 2010 Sony World Photography Awards at the Palais de Festivals in Cannes. 
this was a major deal for me for a few reasons.

1.  I've been dying to see the inside of the very exclusive palais.  it's where the cannes film festival takes place every year.  it was smaller inside than i had imagined. so small in fact that katie and i sat in the velvet upholstered seats wondering if it had been Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise who had been seated there before us.  Katie sniffed - Tom Hanks.  lol.

2.  We got to dress up! It was a black tie event.  The men were in suits and women wore gorgeous ballgowns.  We had cocktail dresses and were fine :)

Also of note - that most male winners of the awards find it suitable to wear brightly coloured sneakers with the suits.  Ok fine, you think you're quirky and original...but so did the other 35 guys.
Plus you're over 50, get some leather shoes.

3. this is the first time that i've ever attended something strictly photography related.  it was the photographer's oscars.  i was in a room with a lot of incredibly talented people, and even some personal photography heroes!  it was wonderful to hear inspiring speeches about sticking it out in such a difficult industry, about people not giving up and working toward their dream, being brave.

and it worked.  i sat there for 2 hours being inspired.  feeling that yes, this really is what i want to do.  
50 years from now i want to be the one on that stage accepting a lifetime achievement award.  
i want to create images that i am proud of.  
i just want to take pictures and nothing else will do.


  1. What a fabulous experience. I can't wait for that point in the future when you get your award! I hope you'll still be blogging... ;)

  2. oh my goodness this is such a wonderful experience!
    you girls look gorgeous too!!

  3. What a great opportunity! Wow! Love both of your dresses too!

  4. That's awesome, Mel! I'm glad you got to go :D

    That's how I feel about writing.

  5. How amazing. Awesome oppertunity...this will be something to remember. You are right, all of us photographers want is great pictures

  6. How fun! I also loved your comment about the guys and their shoes, so true!

    As for my last post - Thanks for the hugs! I needed them! It really means a lot to have some support and encouragement when I'm feeling down. How much longer are you going to be in France? I have a goodie I'm going to send you but won't be sending it for at least another week.



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