Thursday, April 22, 2010

lovely amsterdam

the second stop on our trip was amsterdam :)
it really is a beautiful city.  the canals are so peaceful.  
i love that bicycles outnumber cars as the transportation of choice throughout the entire country.

someday when i own my dream house, it will have these trees in the yard.
some silliness
the buildings are really tall and narrow.  this construction was going on over a canal - hence the giant yellow 'crane.'
we had to.
 we spent a lot of time walking around/exploring, and then some solid time sitting along the canal resting, eating lunch in the sunshine :)
 check out what "cool ranch" doritos are called:
(they tasted the same)
 a parkade outside a metro station - truly the size of a normal parking lot.
i fed some leftover bread to this swan, so that i could get a picture of him.  but when i ran out of bread i realized that swans are actually quite intimidating and scary.  seriously.  freaky bird.  
i like you better from far.


  1. haha, i keep tellin people swans are surprisingly big when they get close!

    i loved amsterdam, don't think theres another place like it in the world

  2. this was my favorite place ever, i visited twice. looks like you had a beautiful time! those trees are simply gorgeous. thanks for sharing such great photos! :)

  3. These shots are amazing!! Looks like such a wonderful place~ I NEED to get there someday!
    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Nice pictures!
    I moved my blog, now i'm here

  5. Great pictures, Mel! I miss you!

  6. Sooo pretty! That first pic is soooo gorgeous! I would buy that print. ;) Loved these! Looks like such a wonderful time! xo

  7. all i can say is WOW.. all these photos are gorgeous but that second one with the close up of the tree is INCREDIBLE!
    and i am dying from the cool american.. that is too funny!!!
    this makes me want to go to amsterdam asap!

  8. id love to visit amsterdam! Your photos are divine :)

  9. I agree, it's awesome that bicycles outnumber cars.
    I can't wait to get a new bike for when I'm at school.

    And those pictures are really beautiful! I'm in love with the bicycle spokes/wheel and the swan photos. :)

  10. I love these shots. My daughter was in Amsterdam two years ago and just loved it there. Has so many memories and photos too. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Interesting pictures! Love the parking lot full of bikes--very different from Cleveland.

    Visiting from SITS.

  12. such gorgeous pictures!!!! makes me want to go there even more now. my sister-in-law is from there and everytime she talks about it i want to hop on the next trans-atlantic flight!

    p.s. "cool american" hilarious!

    p.p.s that is one tiny car!

  13. oh i LOVE amsterdam! i'm dying to go back! what a beautiful, quirky city! those blossoms are gorgeous! and that little car is adorable!

  14. love love love these photos! the boyfriend went there and loved it. hopefully someday i'll get to visit too. how fun!

  15. I love Amsterdam! It's the most beautiful, clean city. My husband and I cannot wait to go back. I showed him the picture of the Doritos and he cracked up. So funny. The pics of the flowers are beautiful. I remember that bicycle parking. It was honestly a sight to behold.

    Found you through Sits. You have a new follower:)

  16. Wow, amazing photos! What a great trip you are having. My friend went a few years back and they took a bike everywhere. It sounds great! =)


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