Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my favourite lesson

as a language assistant my job is to basically get the students to speak english.  all of my activities for class should prompt discussion and so on...
this is my fave activity that i've done.  i chose 5-6 random pictures (of my friends, because it would be more fun for me - tee hee) and had them create a television series based on the photos.  
sometimes individually, sometimes in groups, it depended on the skill level of the students.  it was fun to see how creative (or not) the students would be.  after their presentations i would tell them the true stories of my friends, and they'd apologize for what they said about them.  ha ha!

~a documentary series about being sporty and staying fashionable - what to wear for each sport~
~"white agent secret" solves crimes using gadgets in her bike~
~a tattoo artist named Gabrielle opens a shop~
~a children's mystery series - nancy drew meets scooby doo~

~CSI Toronto~
~the man on the left kills the woman beside him. (me) 
he delivers pizzas and has a huge gambling debt~
~a series of guided nature tours or travel bits~
~a band tries to break into the big time~
~all of their parents have died, they are searching for jobs, trying to make it in the city~
~the 6 characters are 1/2 human 1/2 fish.  they decide to blow up the city of toronto so that they have more space to swim and no more lights & noise~

~"someday my prince will come" a single girl looks for love~
~girl infiltrates all boys school to find her brother's killer~
~"Fatima" a top model~
~musical comedy about Kelly the aspiring musician~
~she went bowling, was in a car crash and now has to live without legs.  she still believes in 'the beautiful life'~
*for the record, the high school boys thought cindy was very pretty and tried to steal this picture on more than one occasion - go cindy ;)

~series of 10 minute restaurant reviews~
~law students and their exploits~ (2 of them actually do study law)
~intervention show - the 5 are addcited to meth and the one in blue is dead~ (my boyfriend)
~"patrick the killer" -> 'he's just crazy'~ (also my boyfriend)

every single time.  
they even called shannon phoebe once.

~"passions" a woman discovers she married into the mob~
~wedding planning experts who help real couples to be perfect~
~spidergirl and spiderman are a couple, but neither knows the other's secret~
~romeo & juliet~
~the daughter of the president is married to an executive at NBC.  she goes out one night with friends only to find out that her husband has a secret life as a gay porn star. what to do?~

i hope you enjoyed reading my little game.  and my apologies to all of you who are in the pictures!


  1. I loved it! It sounds like so much fun, and I'm sure it was :) I should do it with my friends :D

  2. wow, what an amazing idea, the variety is facinating :) thanks for visiting my blog! x

  3. OMG, too fun! do more, i love it! i wonder which "friend" i am? poor steve, he just has that dexter look about him (which aside from the murderer part is a total compliment!).

  4. such a great idea! so funny.

  5. Mel, I love it! And, I'm flattered! I can't wait to hear what Francesco says over the mob comment, haha. So much fun!

  6. So fun! What a great game to play with your students!

  7. LOL!!! What a great idea for an activity. whats up with all the killing....would totally watch the 1/2human 1/2 fish series.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog...and I will be trying your recipe, most of my recipes are like that to, a dash of this, a pinch of that, a squirt of something unknown and sprinkle some random spices...I suck with measured recipes.

  8. Those are awesome. You gotta love the creativity.

  9. Hi Mel! Thanks for leaving a comment on my lil blog! I love yours BTW! SO cute, your pictures are GREAT and I love your background!!

  10. Haha, oh my goodness! This cheered me up so much! And I love the idea! I work as an ESL tutor with 6th-12th graders in Ohio...I wonder if they would be able to do this?! Thanks for such a great idea!

  11. This is such a great exercise, I'm totally stealing it if I do any more TEFLing! Particularly loved the mob idea :)

  12. oh my gosh, how fun! and funny!
    what great imaginations :)

  13. Here from SITS... so great. Are you worried about your boyfriend yet?
    Great blog, I'll be back!

    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  14. This was a blast to read and I'm sure to do. It's been ages since I've written a script but so much fun making up characters. Some of these ideas are killer (literally) Coming from SITS, nice to meet you.

  15. How exciting your little game is - I was giggling the whole way through!!!! You're so clever:)

    Love this post!


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