Sunday, March 14, 2010

light painting adventures

about a month ago i ate a happy meal.  
it came with a light sabre.  
(and fresh cherry tomatoes and pineapple, i might add - go france!)
i am going somewhere with this, i promise.

i could have given the toy to the nearest kid in the restaurant, as per usual - but this one i had to keep.  light sabres are excellent for light painting.  

in case you don't know it, light painting is done in darkness, by keeping the camera shutter open for lengthy periods of time.  (on a tripod)  it's challenging and magical, to create something we can't see.
there are loads of great tutorials and inspiration on flickr - my fave artists are tcb & tdub303.

i've experimented before with sparklers and using flash, but this was the first time with a pen-type object.  i played for about an hour, and believe me, many were just disasterous.  
i'm content with these. 
i did try to do different words - like glow, dance, shine...  but they weren't legible.  can you read this?
it was fun to play. but love is the one word that was clear enough...
and just playing in photoshop today i did this - have been thinking about this sentiment lately...
i hope you're having a nice weekend! and let me know if you have ever or do play with lights :)


  1. Relax! =)
    (I think that's what it says)
    I always love seeing pics like these and yours are so great!!!!

  2. Wow!!!! Those are so magical!!! I don't understand how that happens, but they look amazing!

  3. They are beautiful, the word is relax?

  4. Wow, these are awesome! I never could get mine to turn out right. I probably wasn't doing something right lol! I love them all!!! I really like the last one with the quote!


  5. yay! i'm happy we found each other's blogs :) i LOVE your light experiments, light sabre=way cool! i volunteered in Belgium for 3 months in the summer of 2007, some of the best memories of my life! happy to be following..cheers!

  6. thanks everyone for the compliments!
    yes the word was relax, i'm glad you could understand it :)

  7. those are beautiful!!!! for some reaosn my print screen will never work on the ones I was trying to make. beautiful!!!!

  8. sooo beautiful and no i dont do these...passed from sits

    these are incredible!!!
    i absolutely love your photos!
    and i can tell it says relax!!
    you are a photographer PRO!

  10. Those are so beautiful! And that word says relax! Totally readable. What a fun toy!

  11. hi mel, thanks for popping round to my blog and leaving a lovely comment, these images are great, never thought you'd end up with pics like this from a happy meal!! x

  12. These are all to experement with art. Love to see more.

  13. Gorgeous photos!!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for the sweet comment. I had my site done by a website called graphically designing

    Hope you are having a great day,
    (Sensibly Sassy)

  14. Oh, I really love these Superior Snaps! So creative!! Happy St. Patty's to you. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Luck o' the Irish


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