Friday, November 20, 2009

odd jobs

i was thinking today that i have quite a crazy resume, if i actually include everything.  here's a list of the jobs i can remember.  feeling lost along the way, a definite.

cleaning fleets of government trucks - vacuum insides, dust, wash windows - with my grandparents business.  i miss hanging out with them every saturday.
flower shop - mostly sweeping floors and watering plants after school

grocery store - cashier, stockperson, deli counter worker (also when i became vegetarian)
camp co-founder - summer self-esteem and leadership camp for girls  - "Revolution Girl Style"
drycleaners - folding sheets and towels for local hotels
receptionist - local community theatre
ups store - lasted 3 months
staff photographer/writer - college newspaper, some fun interviews there
instructor - teen movie group. never again.
retail clothing - a combo Northern Getaway(kids) & Northern Reflections (puppy dog sweatshirts)
community development worker - at a law office specializing in pro bono
hair dresser's assistant - shampooed other people's hair.  too strange.  lasted a week.
filmmaker - documentary editor, assistant director, prop maker, costume designer, grip, the works. 
music store employee - longest lasting and easiest job.
photo store employee - loved looking at other people's pictures, getting the discount and meeting some of my best friends ever:
professional scrapbooker - at a boutique in toronto, before i moved to kingston.  it has now closed :(  such a quiet, not great paying job, but the most creative one i've ever had. love that!

university bookstore - in charge of the clothing department - go Queens!
language assistant - in cannes, france. here's one of my classes, when they realized my laptop would have the photobooth program.  they're fun.

photographer -  i love it. 

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