Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Hunt.

an interesting past couple of days it has been.
last week i was feeling horrible about the job hunt. and my own self-worth. something about not getting a callback from anywhere that i'd applied in the past month - including all the places that pay minimum wage and give you 4 hours a week - that flat out sucks.
i've struggled with a "career path" since the day i graduated from college. unfortunately as time goes on, the struggle just seems to get worse. call it indecision or call it self-sabotage - i don't know what i want. film production was a lot of fun, but should i have gone to university for something academic instead? should i go back to school? what would i take? i legitimately miss writing essays and having assignments that challenge me, but i also need to be creative as much as i need to breathe and sleep.
in desperation, as i panic whenever unemployed, i applied to be a receptionist at a hair salon. not that there is anything wrong with hair salons, there is just something wrong with me at a hair salon. so yes, last week i washed the hair of about 12 complete strangers. yikes.
thankfully i got a call on friday that a bookstore that interviewed me wants me to start on the 11th. so i can quit the salon, hopefully before i have to touch another scalp.
as for photography, which i do love and think is my career of choice (usually) - i have a couple plans for some shoots with the few people i have met here, and have been able to get an unpaid assisting gig with a pro still life photographer here.
yesterday we did a shoot for a new magazine - 4 shots - including the cover. it was a really interesting experience. to work with a professional photographer, food stylist, prop stylist and magazine editor was a treat. lol although funny to think about what it must have looked like to see 7 people fuss over a slice of lemon pie for hours. the issue hits newsstandsjuly 15th, i promise you the recipes in it are extremely tasty ;)
and so, this weekend i can finally relax, give my ink cartridge a rest and not prep any more resumes. i am still hope hope hoping for one that i just applied for to call me back though. we shall see!
photo post of the day - this is agnes. i met her just before leaving toronto, and we did manage to squeeze in a quick photoshoot. this one is my fave.


  1. Food stylists are the best. Their amount of gear is crazy. Their pay rate is just as crazy. But they're fun. Except, I'll never look at pictures of prepared food in quite the same way ever again.
    Re: academics. I have a degree in English, and I'm about to apply to bookstores as well. So... how's that for career paths?
    Is the bookstore an independent or Indigo-owned?

  2. it's the campus bookstore at queens.
    you know, while i worked with her, i kept thinking how good cindy would be at it. ruth's kit looked like cindy's makeup one - all the brushes, q-tips, etc. and she would get to cook and be creative.


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