Monday, March 25, 2013


The past month has had me feeling swamped.
I've been working a LOT to try to have some extra cash for Japan (16 days to go!!) and haven't really had much of a life.  Literally a good chunk of my social time has been with friends who come to my workplace to visit or meet me for a quick coffee before or between shifts.
However! I know it will all pay off soon, when I am in Tokyo and can buy an extra something cute.
Speaking of buying, my 40 shopping-less days are coming to an end soon.  Which is great, because I need a few things for the trip.
It's been hard in some ways and not in others.  The toughest thing to not buy has been spring clothes.  This is by far my favourite time of year to shop - teals, corals, floral prints and pretty dresses! Gah!
But I haven't caved.

I have been doing an exercise that a friend suggested - A Photo Safari - you walk around and take pictures of things that you love, and in the end have a collection of photos that define your style.
Here are a few of my favourite things.
I love spring!
When I was a kid my grandma & I would go and pick some of these, they'll always remind me of her and her surefire sign that spring was on the way :)
 Free David's Tea for wearing green on St Patrick's Day.  The cup is my fave colour.

 Toronto has a Macaron Day! Free macarons around the city in support of charity.  Fantastic! And delicious.

This giant poster at Indigo has the prettiest pillows I've ever seen.  But no, they don't sell them...?
It makes me want to take up watercolour painting, they're so beautiful!
Speaking of beautiful...

Happy Spring All!
I hope you're getting lots of extra sunshine and melting snow :)


  1. Ohhhh pussy willow! I adore it so much. And it makes me laugh into my hand because I'm still that immature. I think they feel exactly like tiny kittens paws. Squeeee.

    p.s. So, so, so jealous of your upcoming Japan trip. Seriously. You better plaster your site with photos. Big time living vicariously.

  2. How long will you be in Japan? You might be lucky enough to catch the cherry blossoms--one of the best parts about spring in Japan! Enjoy your trip!

    1. We'll be there for 12 days, and we've booked the trip as close as we could to cherry blossom season - I really hope they're still around when we arrive!


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