Monday, June 11, 2012

10 on the 10th - Single for 12 days

It's still the 10th until Steve wakes up.  ;)

Steve recently took a trip to visit family and chill out for a while after his giant exam.  (Which he did pass, whoo hoo!)  He was gone for 12 days and just came back late last night. 
These are some observations I made about me being 'single' and living alone for a short while.

1.  It is really important to not lose my keys.  I was paranoid of this the whole time.

2.  I will play a lot more loud guilty pleasure music.  Like J. Lo. or Donna Summers. And dance around the apartment like an idiot in a rom-com.  No regrets. 

3.  Dancing around to such music puts me in the mood to clean.  And not just sweeping, but "I'm going to pull everything out of the hall closets and see what happens."  This happens:

4.  Friends are great.  Note this phone conversation that was had last Wednesday.
S: What are you up to?
Mel: Sorting my nail polish.

S: Are you serious?  Whoa that's bad.
Mel: It's not! I need to do it, a bunch is no good anymore.
S: We're hanging out this afternoon.

And so we did, which was great.  But I still need to sort through my nail polishes.

5.  I don't really like cooking for just me.  Give me some people to entertain and I'll kick Martha Stewart's ass, but when I get home from work and it's just me for the night, I have to make an effort to not eat a bowl of Shreddies for dinner.   So, I made a couple meals (like a carrot-squash-sweet potato soup) and kept leftovers in the fridge for a lazy option. 

6.  I need extra blankets on the bed/ the centre of the bed is amazing.

7.  I filled a lot of time with taking photos and now need to make space on my hard drive to load them and edit them.  I'll share soon!  I also watched Girls, The Vow, Jeopardy and Masterchef.

8.  Talking on the phone is nice.  I called my mom, grandma, and some old friends this week and caught up, which was loads better than emails and facebook messages.

9.  I had a huge list of intended things to get done while Steve was away, but ultimately hung out with friends and enjoyed that instead.  Sorry 'making new curtains' and 'blog every day' - maybe next time.

10.  I like having Steve back.  I may not get the whole couch to put my feet up anymore, but it's more enjoyable when he's here than not.  And especially when he comes back with sweetness.
He went hunting thrift shops to look for a flower pin to add to my collection.  <3

Do you live alone?  Do you eat cereal for dinner?
What would be on your list to do if your significant other or housemates left for a week?


  1. Cereal for dinner... that definitely sounds familiar! My boyfriend's presence doesn't stop me though, whoops...


    If Peter left for a week I would have patio redecoration and organizing on the brain. And also more blogging, but who knows if that would actually happen.

    When I was single I ate a lot of noodles and eggs for dinner.

  3. I don't live alone, but on the nights I'm not making dinner for the entire household I find it very difficult to make single serving meals.

    Also, I get into hyper organization mode when I'm restless as well.

  4. The middle of the bed is a magical place. Enjoy it whenever you can.

    Solo living has its pros and cons (like, y'know, everything). I find some alone time pretty damned essential, but too much feels just... weird? It's a balancing act. I need some alone time to be more personally productive (deadlines, cleaning, etc.) - those things always suffer if I don't make sure I have that time, which sends me into a weird stress spiral. Keeping that balance has become a pretty major priority for me.

    And for the record, I live alone (technically), but I don't eat cereal for dinner. ;)

  5. when I'm alone i do reach for the cinema - come and check out the new look goodies up for grabs on my blog xxx

  6. haha, this is too funny, and yes, reminds me of the good ol' single days (though I prefer the good 'new' married days now!). I think the weirdest thing I ate while on my own was taking a pancake from breakfast and wrapping it around some leftover stir-fry for a dinner burrito .. thing. ugh.
    Ah, memories!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest


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